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1968 Expedition Vessel



Custom long range expedition vessel built by Martinolich Shipbuilding with world-wide capabilities.  Excellent vessel for use as a mother-ship or charter operation. Equipped with machinery and systems for complete self dependence. 


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Basic Boat Info

Boat Name: Maria Cleofas
Make: Expedition
Model: Vessel
Year: 1968
Condition: Used
Category: Power
Construction: Steel


Length: 128 ft / 39.01 m


Boat Class: Pilothouse




HULL TYPE AND CONSTRUCTION: The hull has is a heavy displacement type with a deep “v” entry forward. She has a raked stem and transom stern. The shear is raised forward and slighty rises again at the transom. The hull is constructed of mild steel plate and welded on primarily transverse framing members. The bottom plate is reported at .375”, the hull sides are .313 with .250 bulwarks. The deck plating is .250 and the main frames are 5/16” x 3” x 8” and 5/16” angle iron at 18” centers. The super structure is 5086 aluminum and the plating is .250” supported by ¼” x 3” frames at 12 to 16” centers. There are 5 water tight compartments. No as built blue prints were presented during appraisal.

MAIN ENGINE: The main propulsion is provided by a single Mitsubishi model MAR-S12R, which is twelve cylinders freshwater cooled, turbo-charged and rated at 1140 shaft horsepower at 1600 r.p.m. The Main engine is located below main salon galley area and well founded to its mounts raised steel engine bed. The exhaust system is a wet type with 8” riser to top of engine room, water injected at that point, it exhausts out the starboard side through the hull side. Main Engine Details: MODEL-MAR-S12R-MPTA SERIAL NUMBER 10226 ENGINE HOURS- 18868 STARTING24VDC ELECTRIC (2) FUEL SYSTEMBosch GOVERNOR- - Woodward PSG HEATERS- Twin electric CONTROLS Twin Disc EC-200 (1995)REDUCTION GEAR ZF MODEL BW461 SERIAL NUMBER I 1311A REDUCTION - - 5.6301A

GENERATORS: The auxiliary generators (3) are manufactured by MER and fitted with John Deere diesel engines. They are well mounted on flexible mounts secured to raised steel engine beds outboard the main engine. The 40 Kw generator was installed in 2012.

ENGINE ROOM: The main engine is located below the galley area and accessed via a steel ladder and thru a fire hatch in the adjacent the engineer’s stateroom. Forward is the air compressor followed by the centerline main engine.Outboard of the main engine is port and starboard generators. The “shop” area follows with the water and primary waste tank aft. The water-makers and lube oil tank are to starboard and the fuel transfer system and hydraulic oil tank is to port. This area is equipped with a large quantity of spare parts, filters, tools and welding supplies.

























 ZINCS: The Zincanodes are located as follows:25-pound bolttype anodes are welded to theunderbody. There are (10) ofthese along the keel(5) port and (5) starboard,four on the bottom plate, two port and two starboard. On the bilge keel there are three port and threestarboard. The rudder has four, the sea chests have one each and there are two in the thruster tube. THRU-HULLS: The thru-hull fittingsare bronze ball, bronze gate or directionalbutterflytype. There are check valves used ondischarge hoses that discharge along the waterline. BOW THRUSTER:The Wesmar 175hp bow thruster is a model DPC-200 withtwo stainless steel propellers inside a 26” diameter tunnel. The unit is driven by a hydraulic power take off pumplocated on the forward end of the main engine. RUNNING GEAR: Details include:Shaftsize — 6”Shaft bearings- Babbitt type - Shaft log type-John Crane inflatable Strut type-Stern tube with Duramax bearing Strut material-Steelkeel section Rudder- Spade Rudder material-Steel Propeller-Bronze 84 x 66 5-Blade RHBILGES PUMPS:Water evacuation is provided by multiple sources. The primary sources are two 230 vac pumps located just aft to port of the main engine and manifolded to the four primary bilge compartments. Additionally there is a 115 vac leeson pump in the lazzarette which also can be used for a fire pump, a 115 vac submersible pump located below the water tanks and a 24 vdc submersible pump located in the shaft alley. The forward engine room bilge, aft engine room bilge, lazarette and shaft alley are all fitted with high water bilge alarms. The alarms are wired to the ships general alarm panel and must be manually reset. FIRE SYSTEM: The fire system is a Kiddie engineered FM-200 system located behind the stairwell to upper deck.. The system has a 600# FM-200 bottle, covering 8,917 cubic feet of area. The system is manually operated. There are automatic heat sensors in the engine room which trigger the general fire alarms with bells in pilothouse, main deck, workout room, crews quarters, and lazarette. There are also flashing red lights and audible alarm in the engine room. Additionally there is a I 15-vac leeson pump in the lazarette that doubles for a bilge pump and fire pump. The discharge fitting is on the boat deck aft, forward of the port tender. There is 225’ of 1” hose along with a fire axe in the starboard locker forward on aft deck.

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS:There are 12 hand held units mounted in approved brackets and units stowed aside in the lazzarette as well as a fire hose discharge fitting on the aft deck. STEERING:The steering system is a three station system with Robertson jog stick controls on the port and starboard sides of the pilothouse, as well as a centerline wheel operated helm. In the engine room there is a 230 vac electric motor driving a Vickers vane pump. The hydraulic lines ¼” are fed aft to the two ram system which are fitted to 20” tiller arms on the rudderpost. The 6” stainless steel rudderpost is fitted in a compression type flax packing gland with pillow bearing at the top. There are two rudder angle indicators in the pilothouse to assist the helmsman.ELECTRICAL SYSTEM:The electrical system is 120/208 3-phase and the DC systems are primarily 24 vdc with some 12-vdc equipment as well. The system has been modified from its original 480 3-phase power to its current configuration. The general installation is of heavy-duty commercial grade equipment.DC SYSTEM:The DC systems are 12 and 24-vdc. The 24 vdc is primary and 12-vdc servicing the alarm system and some flybridge electronics. There are 12 and 24-vdc distribution panels in the pilothouse. Located below the pilothouse sole is a single Sd, charged by a Newmar RM-8 battery charger which is dedicated to the alarm system. There are also 2-Sd batteries, which make up 1-24 vdc battery bank. One is charged via a 30-ampere Xantrex charger and dedicated to the sat phones and ships alarms. Additionally there is a 115 vac to 24-vdc converters. In the engine room there are 4 8-d batteries arranged to port in the engine room. The batteries serviced the main engines and generator starting needs. The battery banks are fitted with disconnect switches.AC SYSTEM:

The AC system is 120/208 three phase provided by AC generator and shore power connections. The main distribution panel is located in the engine room and well labeled. There are sub- panels in the pilothouse and galley area. The wiring is 4-wire armor shield in most areas, neatly loomed and the distribution panels are well labeled to identify most functions.AIR CONDITIONING AND HEATING:

There are two types of air conditioning units provided on board. There are two marine reverse cycle units, rated at 60,000 BTU. One provides provide cooling to the galley/crew area and the other services the below deck home theatre lounge. The A/C systems for the guest cabins are located below bench seating on the upper deck and was installed or around 2012. Cabin heater in the pilot house provides heating to this area.FUEL SYSTEM:

The fuel system consists of 13 integral fuel tanks, four are on centerline in the engine room, six are outboard along the port and starboard chines and there is a day tank to starboard aft of the main engine. The total capacity of fuel is approximately 40,138 gallons and approximately 29,872 gallons on board at the time of survey. The tanks are vented to atmosphere via snorkel vent with and flame screens. The tanks are filled on the upper deck at a cam lock fitting forward of bimini deck. Fuel can be transferred from tank to tank via a 230v Baldor fuel transfer pump, or manual transfer pump and monitored by a transfer meter. Fuel is drawn only from the day tank and run through a Westphalia centrifuge prior to delivery. The day tank is automatically refilled by the pump on the centrifuge and controlled via Murphy gages.FRESH WATER SYSTEM:Fresh water is stored in two separate polyvinyl tanks located at the aft in the engine room. The tanks are side-by-side and well secured. Water is delivered via one of three Davey 230 vac freshwater pumps. Each pump is plumbed to a designated area of the vessel. The piping is schedule 80 pvc plastic pipe.


There are two reverse osmosis Village Marine Technologies water-makers. The primary unit is a model PW-1200 and rated at 1200 gallons per day. The secondary unit model # PW600 and rated at 600 gallons per day. WASTE SYSTEM:There are two black water tanks, the primary tank is located at the aft end of the engine room, just forward of the water tanks. This tank services the guest cabins and day head. A 230 vac Head Hunter Mako #1 diaphragm pump empties this tank. The secondary tank is a polyvinyl tank located outboard of the main engine and services the head in the crew’s cabin and captains quarters. This tank is emptied via a 24-vdc Jabsco macerator pump. HYDRAULIC SYSTEM:The primary hydraulic pump is fitted on the forward end of the main engine and this operates the bow thruster. The power take off units on the generator operate the crane and windlass units. The both thruster is serviced via a 75 gallon tank located aft of the starboard generator and the crane and each generator is fitted with a Vickers rotary vane pump. The equipment room hatch is driven by a Baldor 2 H.P. electric motor driving an oil dyne pump with internal reservoir.



Day Tank

2,308 Gallons

Starboard Side Of Engine Room


#1 Wing Tank Portside

3,737 Gallons

Portside Between Frames B-H


#2 Wing Tank Portside

4,948 Gallons

Portside Between 20-H

#3 Wing Tank Portside

3,755 Gallons

Portside Between Frames 20-27

#1 Double Bottom Tank Port Side

3838 Gallons

Portside Below machinery at frames 12-H

#2 Double Bottom tank Starboard Side

2344 Gallons

Portside at Frames 20-H

#1 Double Bottom Tank Starboard Side

3,838 Gallons

Starboard Below Machinery ( Frames 12-H

#2 Double Bottom Tank Starboard Side

2,344 Gallons

Starboard At Frames 20-H

#1 Wing Tank Starboard Side

3,737 Gallon

Starboard Side Between Frames B-H

#2 Wing Tank Starboard Side

4,948 Gallons

Starboard Side Between Frames 20-H

#3 Wing Tank Starboard Side

3,755 Gallons

Starboard Side Between Frames 20-27


ELECTRONICS AND NAVIGATION:The electronics and navigation systems are located in the pilothouse, were found mostly operational and of good quality. Details include:

• Sitex Color Max II Chart Plotter • Furuno Universal MS System • Stephens Engineering SEA 222 Single Sideband Radio • Icom M422 Marine VHF Transceiver • Furuno Satellite Compass • Trimble Nav-Trac Xl G.P.S. • Furuno FCV-1100 Sounder • Furuno FCV 271 Color Fathometer • Furuno FP-8100D 72-Mile Radar • Standard Horizon VHF Transceiver • Standard Horizon Hailer

• Furuno 64-Mile Radar • 2-Hand Held Marine VHF Transceivers • Telcore Rudder Angle Indicator • Sperry Compass • Simrad AP-50 Autopilot • Nera Cell Phone • Iridium Satellite Telephone • Dell Laptop Computer W/Chart Program Software • Sperry rudder angle indicator

• 2-Hand Held Search Lights • 2-Hand Held Air Horns • Pains Wessex E.P.I.RB. #2dd43aa9tMfeo • Hanson Marine Grade Signal Flares. • Dbc 12-Person Life Raft # Xdc5ea88g5OSD • Zodiac Life Raft # Xdczee46e6O6 • 3-Type IV Throwable Life Rings. • 11” Brass Bell • Ample Type I And II Personal Flotation’s Devices. • 24 vdc Emergency Lighting. • General Alarm System w/ Bells, located In Pilothouse, Engine Room, Lazarette & Breezeway. • Engine Alarms and Bilge Alarm System, Fire/Smoke Alarms in Galley & Engine Room

SAFETY EQUIPMENT:• Fire Axe • Hartwell Medical Fast Splint • Water Jet Emergency Burn Kit • Fire Blanket • Medical Response First Aid Kit • First Aid Bandage Kit • Oxygen Bottle • Orion Marine signal flares • General first aid kit • Lifesling overboard rescue system CRANE LIFTING SYSTEM:Tenders and gear can be loaded and unloaded by an Aurora hydraulic articulating crane. The crane is model 40 KTSC 3000 and fitted with a knuckle boom. The crane is rated at 3000# capacity. This unit is mounted to a raised turret on the port aft side of the upper deck. The crane is operated from a control station at the base of the crane. GROUND TACKLE: The ground tackle is a 1500# Stockless navy anchor with 2” stranded steel cable.

LAYOUT AND ACCOMMODATIONS:In the forepeak is the foc’sl with ventilation to the forward locker. Next aft is the crew’s quarter, which has been converted to a pantry, followed by a crew stateroom, enclosed head with stall shower and the engineer’s stateroom to port. Opposite to starboard a large “U” shaped dinette followed by the galley with commercial grade appliances. The engine room access is opposite the engineer’s stateroom and has a fire door. The engine room is below the galley/salon area. Exiting the door aft of the engine room entry leads to an exterior breezeway between the six guest staterooms. Each stateroom has a lower queen berth and single upper. There is an enclosed head with stall shower and corner desk in each stateroom. Aft of the breezeway is the aft deck with on deck Jacuzzi to starboard and gasoline storage opposite. The boat deck with the cradles for the tenders follows aft.Up several steps from the starboard side of the breezeway is access to the upper deck area. At the top of the stairwell is the upper deck with open-air bar forward, followed by a large centerline table with seating for 12. Outboard are full-length bench seats followed by the BBQ station to port. The pilothouse is forward of the open-air bar and accessed via steps either port or starboard. Centerline in the pilothouse is the steps leading to the captain’s cabin with two single berths and enclosed head. There is an outside shower to port. A stairwell just forward of the first guest cabin to starboard, leads below deck, forward is the workout room and is followed by the onboard home theater with large “U” shaped sofa, a 60” flat panel television and complete home audio system. This area is followed by the laundry/storage area, which has two single berths portside and two crew cabins to starboard. The lazarette, access follows and is accessed from the boat deck aft.  


• Captains chair • Cabin heater • Starboard side helm station • Navigation station • Centerline wheel helm • Roof mounted air conditioning system • Sentry safe

• Dell laptop with 3 sync master monitors • Quartz ships clock • Seth Thomas Barometer • Trident marine Propane • Electrical (dc ) distribution panel • Fire extinguishers • Hewlett Packard 7310 printer


Solar system with battery bank (new 2013)

• Port & Starboard Bench Seating • Hydraulic Crane With Knuckle Boom • Wave Runner Storage

• Custom Fiberglass Hardtop • DCS Stainless Steel BBQ • Summit Stainless Steel Refrigerator (2) • Viking Stainless Steel Keg Refrigerator • Scotsman Stainless Steel Icemaker • Wolf Stainless Steel Warming Drawer • Stainless Steel Sink with Faucet • Centerline Dining Table With Seating For 12 + GALLEY: • Viewsonic 37” Plasma Television • Bose Lifestyle Stereo System • Audio System • Summit Refrigeration • Scotsman Icemaker • Jenn-Air Refrigerator Freezer • Wolf Grill top With Oven • Wolf Stainless Steel Microwave • Fisher Paykel Dishwasher • Viking Vent Hood • Oster Blender • Bar seating • West bend coffee maker • West marine dunnage box • Northstar pressure washer • Icom IC-M304 Vhf radio • Ise garbage disposal • Maytag Refrigerator • Overhead lights • Fire extinguishers • Jenn tech dishwasher • Flatware • Cookware • LG Air conditioning system • Brass clock / barometer set  



• Pioneer 60” Plasma Television • Denon 1920 Dvd Player & Buffalo Terra Station Dvd Magazine • Denon Aur 4306 Am/Fm/Tuner-surround sound


• Frigidare Top Loading Freezer • General Electric Washer/Dryer • Spare Parts Storage • Shaft Log Access LAZARETTE: • Watertight entry hatch • Rudder log and steering assembly • Leeson 208 vac bilge pump • Jabsco 120 vac raw water fire pump • Spare parts • Spare Provisions • 2-Crew Berths • 2-Day Bunks • Hydraulic Access Hatch • Spare outboard • Fire extinguishers (2) • Craftsman tool Crib • Additional tools and maintenance equipment.


Queen size berth Single upper berth

• Corner desk/built-in drawers • Ensuite head with stall shower and toilet • Central air conditioning.


• Two single berths • Single upper berth • Built in drawers • Corner desk • Ensuite head with stall shower and toilet • Central Air conditioning




• Husky 4-Drawer Tool Crib • Air Compressor With Overhead Tank • Delta “T” Fan System • 6” Bench Grinder (2) & vise• Main Engine • Port And Starboard Generators

• Technicold Te-1000 230 V Refrigeration Pump • TechnicoLd Te-1500 230v Air Conditioning Circulation Pumps (2) • Wet/Dry Vacuum • Rudd 65 Gallon Hot Water Heater (2) • Davey Hs18-4Ohz Freshwater Pumps (3)• Polyvinyl Freshwater Tanks (3) • Polyvinyl Waste Holding Tanks (2) • Jabsco 24 Vdc Waste Discharge Pump (Small Waste Tank) • Head Hunter 115/208 Vac Waste Discharge Pump (Primary Waste Tank) • Village Marine Bw-600 Reverse Osmosis Watermaker • Village Marine Bw-1200 Reverse Osmosis Watermaker • Chain Drive Come Along (6)

• Leesen Steering Pump And Reservoir Tank • Widelite Ballast Transformers • Fuel Manifold System • Fuel Transfer System • Fuel Centrifuge System • Leeson Ballast Tank Pump • Craftsman 11 Drawer Tool Crib • Ryobi 12” Drill Press • Main Electrical Distribution Panel • Acetylene Torch For Welding • Miller Thunder Bolt Welder • Miscellaneous Hand Tools, Clamps, Spares • 60 ton hydraulic press • Welding tools and rod • Westfalia fuel centrifuge • Spare 8d batteries (2) • Spare racor fuel filters • Spare Luberfiner oil filters • Spare fram oil filters • Portable jack • Spare pneumatic fittings • Bow thruster oil tank • Main AC electrical distribution panel • McCarron battery charger • AC electrical sub panels


The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

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