Our Team

William Webb

Yacht Broker and Head of Sales and Marketing
William Webb is a highly experienced yacht broker and one of the most skilled maritime negotiators in the world. With a passion for culture, history, and language, he has a unique ability to connect with... Read More
Ruuds' love and passion for the sea and yachting is unparalleled. As the owner of Zwaans International Yachting and a licensed and bonded yacht broker, he has successfully owned and managed the South Florida yacht... Read More
I love boats, plain and simple. On the water from an early age, boats were part of my childhood. From the homemade runabout my uncle built and gave to me when I was old enough... Read More

Diana Nonikashvili

Social Media Manager
Diana Nonikashvili is a talented social media marketing manager for Zwaans International, a leading yacht brokerage company. Born and raised in Belarus, Diana is a graduate of the IT-Academy in Gomel, where she studied Information... Read More
Joshua Jackson is a highly experienced entrepreneur and yacht broker that has business dealings and yacht listings around the world. Joshua’s passion for boating and maritime tradition dates back centuries in Louisiana on the Mississippi... Read More

Judy Brucker

Office Manager
Judy Brucker is a true yachting and aviation enthusiast, born in Germany and raised on the water, she has a deep love and appreciation for the open seas and skies. Her passion for yachting and... Read More